Thursday, February 21, 2013


That blogroll down the side is how I read my daily blog fix around here.

But there are problems.  For one, I can never get Ferule and Fescue's link to pick up her latest posts.  (Has someone figured this out?  I think I did the same thing for her link that I did for all the others, but it doesn't seem to pick up her posts.)

And then there are blogs that go quiet or private.  Do I keep them, or clean them off?  And if I clean them off, then how long do I wait?  There are some really good blogs that go quiet for a couple months, and then the person posts, and I'm all hopeful.  I don't want to miss their returns.

What do you think?

Every so often, too, I add new blogs I've run across.  If you're a blogger, doing something related to academics, birding, biking, or something cool and want me to link you, please post your link in the comments and I'll take a look.  Please note that I'm uninterested in linking to most commercial sites.  (I do link to a couple on line commercial biking sites because they're really good.  I've been reading them a long time, though.)

And if you know some really cool blog you think I'd be interested to read, please put that in the comments, too! 


  1. Flavia's blog flummoxed my blogroll for a while, too. I can't remember exactly how I worked it out, but when I look at the layout of my blogroll, I notice that the & in her blog title – Ferule & Fescue – is transcribed as & in that computer-y language style. Perhaps Flavia herself can set this straight?

    1. Oh, crazy! You can't see what I actually typed, because the code did its job! Here is what I actually said when I was explaining the coding of the &:

      & a m p ;

      Except without any spaces between the characters.

    2. Oh, I retried it and it worked! I don't know if Flavia changed it, or if I did something, but voila! Thanks, Dr K!

  2. I don't have anything to do with biking and birding. But, I do have an academic job in Africa. I doubt you will decide to link to me, but anything to increase my readership for the day from six to seven is worthwhile.

  3. Goodness! Y'all are talking about little ol' ME?

    My feed is screwy. Years ago I was having some problems and so I monkeyed around with it and created still more problems. But I think this one works with Google products (which should include Blogger):

  4. I wait 6 months or so of no activity before dropping someone, and there are a few bloggers I'm so in denial about that I still hang on.

    My blogging is so sporadic that I'm always pleasantly surprised to see in my stats that someone actually read a post. I have no plans to disappear. Most of my traffic comes from here actually. :)

  5. I was quiet for awhile, but I'm back, so don't take me off, please! (Meanwhile, I need to get around to adding a blog roll again!)

  6. J. Otto, I'm a little slow, but will add a link.

    Dr. V, See, you're EXACTLY one of the people I want to keep just in case!