Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm on an awards committee for some student awards in a small program, and it's time to read nominated stuff and submissions and make some decisions. 

There are, say, five awards, each quite specific.  So, for example, there's an award for creativity in deepwater basketweaving, and another for contributing to the campus basketweaving community, and then there's one for graduate research in underwater basketweaving, and so on.  But all these awards have names.  So, there's the King of the Sea award, and the Jones Foundation award, and so on, with none of the names (with one exception) giving much sense of what the specific award is for.

So as I'm trying to organize the nominated stuff for reading, I wanted to get a copy of the information for each of the awards.  But I couldn't find the one that I was sent way back when, maybe in December.  So I asked the overall program coordinator, and asked if zie could put it up on the campus program thingy we're using.  But I didn't hear, so then I sent an email to the program admin assistant.

And then the program coordinator sent an email to the awards coordinator about it, and copied everyone on the awards committee.  And then the awards coordinator said that was a good idea, and could someone send hir a copy.

And then the admin assistant kindly sent me a pdf, which I forwarded to the awards coordinator and the whole list of the awards committee (like six people, so not a HUGE list).

And then the awards coordinator said zie would post it on the site.

And I'm sort of grinning, because now 1) the first person to request it has it, and 2) everyone who has access to the site now has it on email.  So why post it on the site?

But it's fine if it's posted there, too.  It just amuses me.

The sad thing is, we have these awards, many of which come with some money, not tons, but some, enough to help with books for a semester, say, and yet we have relatively few nominations so there's little actual competition.  This is also the case for another awards committee I've been on for another program.

Is that how it is where you folks are?  Does it matter if it's faculty nominations or student submission?

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