Thursday, May 17, 2012

Victory Lap

I just finished grading and recording the third of five major piles I need to do before the end of finals.  And I finished this one over a half an hour before I need to go hand them back!

We should get to take a victory lap around the department with our hands raised and everyone else cheering when we finish a pile.  Think of the ends of bike races, when the stage winner raises his or her hands as s/he crosses the line.  We should be able to do that.

And then we're on to the next stage or the next pile.

I've got a class to meet with shortly, and will get a small stack from them, and then a meeting this afternoon, and another meeting tomorrow, and then it's all down to the grading.  At the end, or maybe even before, if the weekend weather is good, I'll take a bit of a lap around my yard and pull some weeds.  Maybe I'll get on my bike again and go for a nice, easy ride.  There will be celebration involved, though it will probably be a bit more sedate than my students' celebrations.

Still and all, a fair number from one class should be graduating soon, and I hope they'll feel that walking across the stage is a sort of victory lap.

Happy end of the semester!


  1. I think that is a brilliant idea--the Victory lap. I'm at a coffee shop right now grading research papers. Wonder how the other patrons would react if I took a lap later?

  2. We should crown you with laurel leaves!