Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feeling Lucky

My kitchen disposal died yesterday, alas.  It's like the house is sort of falling apart around me.  At least it's not the walls or somthing!

The bitey bugs, these nasty little gnatty flies that bite like demons, are especially nasty this spring.  I planted some pots yesterday (artichokes and flowers) and again this morning (flowers and stonecrop), and was driven inside after less than an hour.   (Both days I had put bug juice on, and I started by a little after 6am, so it wasn't like the heat of the day or anything.)

I needed something more to do, so a bit after 7am, I went for a bike ride.  I went out a road I've driven once or twice a long while ago (there's a dog kennel out there that my dog stayed at a couple times), but I've never riden out.  It was going great, a bit hilly, but good.  I'd turned back, and on a hill, my back tire punctured. 

I went a bit onto the lawn next to a drive (to get further from the road), and was changing it, but having problems because the new tube wasn't seeming right.  I ran my fingers along the inside and outside, but couldn't find anything sharp anywhere.  I mentioned the bitey bugs before, yes, well, they were out in force.  Then, happily, a very nice, sainted woman pulling a horse trailer with a big pickup stopped and asked if I needed help.  She gave me a ride back to my car, and we had a pleasant chat about spring, the loveliness of the morning, and such.

I hope she has the BEST day possible, because she made mine quite a bit better.  (I would have called a friend to get a ride rather than walk back 6 miles, because I'm that lazy.)  Once I got home, I finished changing the tube, and found out that it wasn't holding air.  I think I must have missed something sharp.

And then we had a downpour, so I was even happier for the ride back to my car.  (It wouldn't have been horrible to ride through, but would have been nasty to walk drenched after.)

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  1. Interesting. Where I come from, "bug juice" refers not to insect repellant but to kool-aid, although I've never stopped to wonder why. Must be a regional thing.