Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the Summer Begin!

I turned in my final grades today.

I sent off the checks for the insulation and roof.

I paid other bills.

And now I'm ready for the summer to begin.

Yesterday, I took my rear wheel to the bike shop and decided to get a new tire as well as a new tube, since the old tire was showing some wear and had flatted the new tube I put in.  And then after I put the bike back in the car, I was sweeping the front tire to get rid of junk, and noticed a hole.  So I took it back in, and after consultation decided that another new tire is in order.  I need to go take the wheel in today to get the tire (they had an order in for Gatorskin tires, which is what I'd had put on the rear).  So, baby gets new shoes!  And for the first time in a while, my tires will match.  AND, Gatorskins have this red sidewall thing, so my bike will look racy even though I don't ride racily at all.

The handyman came to look at the disposal, did a turn on the bottom thing with a hex wrench, which fixed it, and then showed me how to do it just in case.  YAY!

I have a couple of short projects for today, and summer is on!

Next up: prep for a meeting on Thursday.  Deal with the roof shingle class action suit thing and hope I get some money back.  Put in some more plants.  Dinner at the drive in with friends.

I think my blood pressure has dropped 10 points already.