Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Summer Plans

We're a few short weeks away from the end of the semester now, and things are heating up.  I'm working on an abstract to submit to the Midwest MLA.  This one's an abstract on a US author, so I'm a little out of my league about it.  But I think the basic idea is good.

Yesterday, I had another guy out to do an energy evaluation of the house prior to all the work of roofing and adding insulation.  I had to have another guy because the insulation company says that the only way to apply for a rebate is to have someone through this specific program out.  They didn't charge me, but I'm sure it's in the total somehow.

This guy, he irritated me.  He was one of those pat the shoulder of the idiot woman types.  And he kept suggesting more and more work.  I'm on edge anyway, since I've dipped pretty substantially into savings to have this work done.  (I know that's what the savings are for, that's why I've been saving, but it's a substrantial dip.  On the other hand, it's so cool that I can sell mutual fund shares via the internet and have the money show up in my bank account.)

Between the house and the paycuts around here, I'm applying for several project things on campus over the summer based on meeting my interests and getting some extra money.

So far I have one confirmed, have applied for another, and am in the process of applying for a third thing.  It's going to be busy!


  1. Hey - I'm submitting an abstract for MMLA, too. If we're both there, let's plan to have coffee again!

  2. We had a new furnace and A/C installed with energy audits on either end. That netted us a lot of savings and the auditors were very professional about it. Sure, there were other things we could've done, but they understood that we weren't going to be able to throw thousands more at the project just because they could see benefits.

    Good luck with getting the additional summer income and enjoy the more energy-efficient house!

  3. I'll be around the MMLA too. Yay to meeting bloggers IRL!