Monday, May 07, 2012

Happy Monday!

XKCD is especially brilliant this morning!

I put out an orange half on Sunday morning, replacing the mangled and very rained on one before, and was rewarded in about half an hour by seeing my first oriole (Baltimore, male) of the season.  I saw the same or another male oriole in the afternoon, and both were going after the orange with vigor!

I sent off an abstract to MMLA, and was rewarded by having it accepted with alacrity.  I'm guessing they haven't had many submissions to this specific subgroup?  Anyway, those who will be at MMLA in November, let's do a bloggy meet up!

Tomorrow, the roofers and insulation folks come to work on my house.

And it's the last week of classes, so finishing up time.  And grading time.  Then more grading time.  So much grading time!


  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Yes, on the xkcd, I was laughing right a long until it got to my field of study! Then I'm all, "Hey!"

  2. richard6:26 AM

    My field of study is apparently so obscure it didn't merit inclusion....

  3. What a fun xkcd - I hadn't seen it yet and singing along with the text made a fun break in an otherwise tedious morning of form-filling!

    Good luck with the new roof.

  4. Awesome! I am working on my MMLA abstract today. I will see you there! (Even if my abstract isn't accepted, the conference is so close that I'm going no matter what.)