Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm having extended office hours today, and it's been hopping.  I've lost count of how many students have come in, but I'm probably onto my toes, or nearly.

A few have come in for specific help, some for reassurance, and one who's lost.  The lost student started later than zie might have on the assignment, and it shows.

I was hoping to get some grading done, but there have been too many students in and out.  I did read two grad student pieces, and sent each an email response. 

And now to some serious grading.  I have just over another hour of office hour scheduled, but I think it's slowing down.  There's a short break right now, anyway.

Is your semester an uphill finish, a group sprint, or a sprint from the breakaway?

(And yes, the Giro was streaming in my office quietly, which caused nearly every student to ask if I understood the Italian commentary.  I don't get much, but I get names and the occasional important words.)

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