Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Can we just get the patriarchal sky fairy out of politics? Please?

And more Aretha! RESPECT!

John Paul Stevens! We have a new Vice President!

Oooo, good musicians! (Itzhak Perlman had a great ad against prop 8 in California during the election.) (Alas, not a great version of a wonderful hymn.)

Can we convince John Roberts to retire tomorrow?

The moment is here!

We have a new president!


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    *high five* What you said!

  2. BangaRANG for the new President!

  3. several days late, but a big WOOT on the new era, aretha and all the music [including marching bands], justice stevens, and did i mention a new president?

    do i ever wish the CJ would find it in his heart to pursue other matters. and a few of the associate justices, too. but we have a constitution-lover in the new POTUS, so it's all gotta be looking better from here on out.