Monday, January 26, 2009

Day One

I taught the first session of each of my courses today, and they went pretty well. The drama class students got up and working on a scene bit right off, and seemed to be doing well with it. It seems like a good mix of students.

The writing students talked in the first session, and seemed on top of things and smart.

And the poetry students gave me some funny looks when I started having them read the text aloud a bunch of times, but started getting into it, and had lots to say when I asked them to draw the imagery and had a couple put their drawings on the board. They were good drawings, too!

I got a lot done today, the usual beginning of the semester stuff setting up the course web materials, but also drafted a letter of recommendation and worked on a difficult advising problem.

And then I went and signed all the papers to refinance my house. I always find those sorts of things a little stressful, but this went smoothly, and should mean I save pretty significant money over the term of the mortgage.

I returned my rental ski kit, too, a day early because I have my own kit to use now.

Can today count as the first day of spring? I'm so ready!


  1. But if it's spring, you won't be able to use your skis! Otherwise, I'm happy for spring to arrive. I noticed as I was teaching yesterday that there was still some light in the sky at 5:30!

    Also, my word is baker, which maybe I should become instead.

  2. Not sure what happened to the post on the student email, but I wanted to say I've become much more sensitive over the years to the fact that there is a lot students don't know that seems obvious to me, but there is no obvious way for them to learn it. I'm very glad I learned that lesson -- I don't want to make college harder for anybody or shut someone down when they are only reaching out for help.

  3. Susan, I would gladly let my skis rest if I could use my bike outside!

    Dorothy, Thanks for commenting. I took the post down because I didn't quite get near the tone I wanted to. But I think you're right about not making college harder for anybody.