Monday, January 26, 2009


I dreamt last night that an English department colleague came to give a guest lecture in the chemistry course I'm teaching. But he was having trouble being heard, so the TAs rigged up a seat which they raised into the air along with a microphone; the seat was pretty minimal, along the lines of a little teeter-totter seat with a pole for my colleague to hold onto. I had taken a seat in the first row of student seats, and then wondered how he was going to write on the board from way up there, and if I should get up and offer to write on the board.

Happy first day of classes!

And, can I just share, that I'm glad I get to teach comp, poetry, and drama this semester, each of which I'm more familiar with than chemistry these days!

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  1. Hope you have a great semester. I'll be interested to see how the drama turns out. Keep us updated!