Saturday, January 24, 2009


I need to learn how to turn. I got started down a hill, and near the end there's a turn, and I was going and then my skis were all moving apart and I did a full frontal into the snow. Happily, the snow was soft and I wasn't going very fast (because it's more of a pimple than a hill).

Still, I wish I'd gotten film of it, because I bet I really looked silly. You know that Buster Keaton film where he's walking along and a house wall falls down around him, and the window opening ends up precisely where he is? I sometimes feel like I go through life like that: I fall, then I get up, dust off and start off again, wondering how I ended up in the window space of life.

I came home after stupidly stopping at a store on the way home, stupidly getting chilled, and got into a hot bath. I love the way a hot bath just gets me all warm. There's a lot to be said for a hot bath, except now I really want to take a nap.

Score: day one:

Time's around the easy creek park trail: 2
Falls: 2
Broken bones: 0 (that I'm aware of, and I'm a whuss, so I think I'd notice)
Fun: getting there!

I feel about these skis sort of the way I feel about my bike; even as beginner skis, they're WAY better at all this than I am. If they had personality, they'd need all the patience in the world with my slowness and awkwardness. The new skis are slidier than the rentals; I think I'll learn to have fun with them!


  1. hey bardiac--have you seen this?

    he's very smart and helpful, i think... simplifies things....

  2. Oh, thank you! That's super helpful!

    My friends have been trying to help me get my arms moving back better; you can really see how far back his arms go!

    Thanks for this suggestion!