Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm all emotional these days, just anticipating tomorrow, excited, hopeful. And a little scared. I hope it all goes well. I hope Obama does a great job. I hope we can all try to be a little more generous spirited towards each other.


My rental ski stuffs are due back tomorrow. I haven't decided if I'll ask to rent them for another week or not. I haven't decided if I should buy a kit.

It's great exercise. I can tell how ready to sleep I am at night after I go. But it's not fun yet. I don't look forward to going out. But I do feel pretty good after I go, mostly. I've been getting out most days when it's been above zero, so I've been trying. And I am getting a little better at trusting my legs to glide a bit.

Today I went around the golf course trail in half an hour, then went a little longer, all without my poles. I may not go very fast, but I prefer not using poles. It helps me relax my arms and shoulders and focus on keeping my knees bent.

Somehow, my little buying a ski kit or not dilemma seems especially minimal these days.


I'm finalizing my last syllabus now, and pretty happy with it. I still have to finish writing up some of the assignments, but it's coming together.

Trying to decide which plays to teach, when there are so many great plays, is tough. But what a delicious decision to get to make.

My tiny little decisions are just so small, so insignificant in the big picture.

I like starting semesters. I've always got these great hopes that my students will be wonderful and smart and have lots of great things to contribute.

Bardiac: balancing optimism and cynicism.

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