Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Responding to a Comment

Every so often, someone responds to a comment from an old post. I only know about it because blogger emails me. Today I got an email about a comment from a post I did in 2006, about teaching Chaucer. It was one of those comments that reminded me how glad I am to be where and what I am, if that makes sense.

So I thought I'd respond to it here:
Anonymous said...
u guys are gay. no one really cares bout these lame storys? hahaha wow NERDS

To which I'm thinking:

Well, yes, and I'm guessing a fair percentage of folks are.

Clearly, we care. May I suggest a taste from "The Miller's Tale"?

Aw, you're just flattering us now!


  1. :)

    That's the perfect response to that comment!

  2. As if nerd is an insult? or gay? I'm thinking neither are.

  3. Well, here's an idea for a follow-up gay lame post that we would all find fascinating: what do you think about Shakespeare editions for non-Shakespeareans? I got a WS Complete Works (edited by David Bevington) in grad school for my Shakespeare seminar, and have kept it all these years (not least b/c I have notes about who was reading what part in the Shakespeare read-aloud group I belonged to for several years). More recently, someone gave me their extra copy of the Oxford UP Complete works of WS (edited by Wells and Taylor). I'm thinking I might leave one at home and take one to the office--but this post and the old Chaucer post you linked back to got me wondering what you think about Shakespeare editions.