Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kid in a Camera Store

I've been having fun with the camera! I'm remembering how much fun I had with my camera while I was in the Peace Corps, how much I enjoyed taking pictures and seeing what I came up with. It's been a while, but I promise I'll calm down soon! (How's the loading time for folks?)

I cleaned out the bluebird house, and while I was near, took a close up of my sugar maple. Very photogenic, eh?

And I cleaned my office! You can actually see the desk! And the hip phone. Why, yes, I work for the state, why do you ask?

And there are books, lots of books! I've even read some of them.

Here's the computer desk. If you look carefully, you can see my Einstein action figure with POWER CHALK in his upraised fist (lower left of the computer screen). And a picture of my conure, done by my friend, B. There's also a kitsch collection of finger puppets.


  1. I think I have exactly the same desk. And phone. (And yes, I work for the/a state, too.)

    But I do not have that awesome green on my office walls! You've inspired me to think about painting this summer, though. . .

  2. Very nice and clean! I love starting the New Year by cleaning things out. It's so liberating.

    As for the metal desk, I think it is very retro chic, in a sort of Joe Friday kind of way. I like it. :)

  3. I love the green office walls too. Ours are institutional beige.

    It's fun seeing photos of where people work.

    Incidentally, the pictures took a long time to load for me, but Australia does have pretty third-world broadband speeds :)

  4. I like the green walls! I had been thinking purple would be nice, but the green is an interesting possibility too.

    Now all I need is an office. Heh.

  5. Does your state-provided phone ring as loudly as mine and scare the bejeezus out of students? Has it been mocked by students, as well?

    And hm, that color green looks very, very familiar to me.

  6. Flavia, Think green! I actually wish I could take credit, but I used the greenness I'd seen on a prof's office walls when I was a grad student. It's a great office color!

    TBTAM, Yeah, that's me, retro-chic!

    StyleyGeek, thanks for the feedback! Mine were ugly, now they're lovely. Walls, I mean. :)

    Sisyphus, Ooo, Purple would be good!

    Dr. Virago, My students don't seem to notice. And yes, the color green should look familiar to you! It was even better there, though, because the office was twice the size of mine. Still, I occasionally see Bald Eagles out my office window, and that's worth something, right?