Friday, January 11, 2008

Just in Case

So, if I were a responsible adult, I'd have a will and all. I'm not, I guess, because I don't.

So I spent this evening writing a note to my sibling with information about all my accounts, and what to do with things. And I've been writing lists for the person who will be watching over the BardiacShack.

Finally, I wrote a note to a friend to put up a post here should something happen.

I don't expect anything to happen, of course. But then, no one much does, I suppose. Still, it's a weird way to spend the evening.

I also got all organized to do my tax returns. Except I don't have my W-2, and a comparison of last year's W-2 with the corresponding paystub made it clear that I couldn't just use my last paystub from 2007. I also don't have any of my interest/dividend information or mortgage information from those places. So basically, I just listed out everything I have, loaded the tax program, and found out that my state program isn't available anyway.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wonders what would happen to my blog (and of course my other effects!) if something happened to me. S'pose I should give my login and password to someone. Oh, and maybe write a will someday.

    But nothing, of course, will happen to you other than grand adventures I'm already looking forward to reading about.

  2. The blog thing is a strange inclusion, isn't it? I still haven't done a will, though that's on this year's to-do list, though my sister has a complete list of all my accounts and passwords, and last year I added the blog to it. Now I'm wondering if I should write up some sort of contingency post to give her as well - "If you're reading this, something unexpected has happened to me..." Is that too creepy?

  3. DON'T LEAVE!!!

    Having said that, it sounds like you're making sure that -- in the unlikely event of a disaster -- everything that needs to be taken care of will be.

    One question, though. Did you set fire to all the old diaries/letters/ etc. that talk about how mad you were at your parents and siblings? ( I have to get on that as well.)