Sunday, January 06, 2008

Expedition: Success!

So, just what does one pack for 6 months abroad?

I hate shopping. I hate shopping with the white hot passion of incredible loathing. Let me be more specific. I'm happy to do grocery shopping, and more than happy to spend forever in a used book store. I actually enjoyed trying out bikes last summer. But clothes shopping? Shoe shopping? Gah!

However, I really needed some new slacks, slacks that would be okay for teaching and walking around, comfortable enough in fairly cold and fairly hot weather. I used to get chinos from LandsEnd, but lately, they seem only to have either capris or low on the hip slacks. So I went on an expedition today, searching for slacks. Basically, the goal was a cotton twill or light canvas slack. Or several.

I started out at a local sports type store. As usual, there was a limited selection of women's slacks, heavily favoring the smaller sizes. Seriously, I'm willing to bet the average woman around here wears something more than an 8, you know? I sure do! I found and I tried some on. A couple were okay, but low on the hip, with tiny pockets. I tried again at a different store; same deal.

And this store had tons of sale because they're moving. Racks and racks of mens pants. So finally, that's where I went. A quick memory check, and I was trying on several pairs, and found one that I liked, that fit well. Bonus, it had nice deep pockets AND didn't ride low on the hips. But the selection was higher in camo than in slacks. Still, I got one pair on sale!

Once I'd gone for the men's section, it was easy. I went elsewhere and found three other pairs. They're good colors (dark grey, dark green, tan), with good pockets, and a comfortable fit. I need to do some hemming, but other than that, I'm very happy!

Why does it take me so long to go over to the men's section for slacks? I'm quick to get tops there, but way slow for slacks (jeans don't count; 501 is it, period).

Next up: walking shoes!


  1. Why must women's clothes be so much less practical than men's? The pocket issue annoys me to no end. Either the pocket are worthless or they are fake. And I've never understood the fake pocket.

    And, why do men get the option of pants that are pretty much made to fit them - sizes by both waist size and length - while women's pants are sized in the most ridiculous ways. I'm glad you found some that work for you!

    I do love shoes, though.

  2. My aunt, who is a pro, says that the most important thing for pants to fit is the curve that runs from front to back, like belly button, crotch, back. Most pants makers just do some generic one that doesn't fit real people at all.

    Fortunately, it's an easy alteration, because it's just that one seam, and it's one that no one sees mostly, so it hardly matters anyway. You can make a model of yourself out of tinfoil or wire, or copy the crotch seam out of pants that fit really well.

    See here

    or here:*v4xQp5Fd3Ig=/large/

    for the general idea.

    And about shopping - ugh. Shoes are the worst. There is a Steve Martin short story called "Cruel Shoes" that sums it up. Since I'm linking, about halfway down here:*v4xQp5Fd3Ig=/large/