Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Camera Play

I've been slowly gaining a bit of confidence with the camera, learning to take basic pictures, and now, downloading them.

I thought I'd share a couple shots from snow country.

This first shot is the indoor ride, set up in the sun room, otherwise known as the Red Room, for obvious reasons. The flash shocked me by going off automatically, without me even thinking about it!

I have to totally admit that I'd never paint a room red. I just wouldn't have the nerve or imagination. But this red is amazingly wonderful, and I love the room. Goes to show me! (I think it's officially a "glaze" rather than paint, but that's only because it looks sort of like what I saw called a glaze on one of those home improvement sorts of shows once.)

This is what I like to call the Prairie Restoration Project, or, when I'm in an optimistic mood, the Northwoods Project. This area was more woods than grassland, though it's hard to tell in some areas now. The black tube sticking up is the deer protection for the sugar maple tree I planted when I first moved in (it almost died from being chewed on the first winter). I need to plant a couple more trees back there, but they grow so slowly! (The tree's pretty close to the edge of the property line, at least according to the markers out there.)

To the right is where a bird house blew down off it's pipe stand. And to the left, the stubby thing is a more official BlueBird box (which, I think, was actually occupied this past year). I need to tromp down and clean it before I leave. (Add to list.)

And finally, here's the view over the valley which is partly my neighbor's yard and partly who knows. I was told when I moved in that there's a chunk of land that can't be built on because it's too steep, and that leads into the valley. So who knows in the future.

I mostly go down there a couple times a year to clean up the plastic garbage that ends up there from the local freeway (slyly hidden just out of the camera shot) and the other houses across the little valley (also slyly hidden so that it looks like I live out in the country!).


  1. It looks as though you have your own wilderness!

  2. I know! It's lovely, but I had to be careful to avoid getting other houses. So it's wonderful, but not quite my own wilderness.

  3. Those are amazing shots, all. I love the red, too. And what views--my city backyard looks so tiny and crowded by comparison.

    I think my state buys its office chairs from the same place your state does. I've had that exact chair (in your office photos in the next post) before.

  4. It's so great to see where Bardiac lives - Love the read. And outside really does look like the Northwoods.

    Keep those pics coming...

    And Happy New Year!

  5. Susan, There are other advantages to more urban living. Bookstores! Restaurants! I can think of lots of things.

    TBTAM, Thanks :)