Saturday, December 02, 2006

Strong Reaction

I've been catching up on my blog reading this morning a bit after a week that was less than stellar.

Sometimes when I read a blog, I have a really strong reaction. I usually recognize the reaction, and choose to comment or not depending how much I like the blog, and whether I think I'll offend someone on their own blog. I'm not always good at judging that, though.

The Blog That Ate Manhattan (aka TBTAM) did a post about preparing a hot bath for one's partner when she has PMS. You can read my response there, but let's just say I still feel strongly. It's not that I object to hot baths. Or hot cocoa. But when I was young, a hot bath was all anyone ever bothered to suggest for pms or menstrual cramps (and I know that's not the case with TBTAM; see this post on bcps and their benefits). And they didn't help.

Also, a hot bath isn't an option if you live in a boarding house and share a bathroom, or if you live in housing without bathtubs.

And a hot bath for an hour has never been practical for me in the middle of a school or work day.

Even so, TBTAM writes a really great blog, complete with scones. Scones! Yum! (Maybe I should go to the local bakery for lunch instead of grading?)


  1. Bardiac:

    Clearly "Take a hot bath" makes you feel the same way that "Are you getting your period?" makes me feel...

    Sorry about that, it was not my intention.

    It just happens to be what I did for my daughter the other night, and for whatever reason, it worked for her.

    Seems to me I should do a full post on PMS...

  2. TBTAM, I'm sure your intentions were wonderful, and I hope your daughter feels way better. My reaction reflects my level of frustration from when I was a kid, I think.

    And yes, a full post on pms and cramps and stuff would probably be fascinating AND helpful!