Friday, December 22, 2006

Sometimes a Weird Notion

I went to the store this evening before the alcohol cut off time. I'd run out of my "medicinal supply" (you know, cold prevention!) a couple weeks ago, and after all the grading, I felt some desire, let's say, for extra relaxation.

So there I was, Jim and I, standing in line behind a teenage girl dressed in clothes specific to a religious sect (which, I think, would not approve of my pal Jim) and a man I took for her father buying a couple containers of yogurt. Behind me, a woman with more grey than I by say 20 years had her single large container of oats, complete with the smiling Quaker guy face on the packaging.

If I'd have had more than one thing, I'd have let her go first. But then, I couldn't resist.

I looked at her, then at Jim, and said, "You know, if we got together, we'd have the weirdest party ever."

The woman had the BEST laugh, full and joyous. And then she said, "We'd have a good breakfast after, anyways." And we all cracked up again, including the woman checking us out, who had to card me (no, alas, I don't look underage).


  1. Beautiful - I love moments like that!

  2. Fantastic story - made me laugh. Thanks!