Saturday, December 30, 2006

Late Night Musings

Over the past couple days I've noticed on the TV news and elsewhere a LOT of information about dealing with hangovers and New Years. I don't remember the focus on dealing with hangovers in past years, but maybe I just didn't notice?

The big focus seems misplaced. Who are they talking to? Don't most people learn to drink a couple big glasses of water before turning in, some juice and more water when waking to pee in the night, and a couple aspirin along the way? This is news?

When I was a teen and thought staying up late was cool, my folks were of the opinion that New Year's Eve was amateur hour, when a lot of people would be drinking and driving who weren't used to it, and so the roads were more dangerous. (Apparently the theory was that people who regularly drink a lot are better drunk drivers? I try to stay off the road for the half hour on either side of bar closing time wherever I am. Call me careful or something. Just call.) I'm such an amateur that I have the capacity of whatever it is that has no capacity. My amateur status is further signaled by the fact that I wake up to pee in the night and don't just sleep through making a mess. Sometimes there are benefits to being an amateur.

Speaking of being on the road: My last bike ride ended with me having a muddy, wet stripe up my backside, although I didn't really notice the nastiness until I got off the bike and my rear end was suddenly really cold. (I keep pretty warm so long as I'm working at peddling and stuff, but once I stop, I'm grateful for the heated car seats. Great invention that!)

My bike was muddier than I was, so I spent some time Friday cleaning it up, lubricating it with some special teflon stuff a friend suggested I get. My friend is way into his chain. That sounds more exciting than it is. He cleans it obsessively. I got the gunked mud off mine and pretty much called it good enough.

As wet and cold as my ride the other day was, I'm glad I made my 700 miles then, because it's gotten way colder and nastier since.

I'm hoping that it's nice on New Year's morning, though, because I think a nice ride would be a great way to ring in the new year.

I've gotten the calendar part of my Shakespeare class worked out for spring. Looking back over my old syllabus for the poetry class, I realized that I haven't taught it for four years! Too long! I'm getting all excited to teach poetry again.


  1. 700 miles -- great job!

    Happy New Year; I'll be the "amateur" who's fallen asleep by 11:15 pm...resolving to make the new year the best it can be!

  2. My wife swears by four ibuprofen, one multivitamin, and a big glass of water.