Sunday, December 10, 2006

Stimulating Post from the Paper Chase

Sometimes I read a blog and just have to share. Today is that time.

The Paper Chase (aka Lisa Chaser) has an absolutely fantastic post about the difficulties of dealing with students who have chronic problems, especially chronic health problems.

Read it. Seriously. I'll wait.

I'm right, aren't I? That's totally worth reading.

I get worried when a student's prose gets all wound up, pages and pages without paragraphing, rounding logic. The prose reminds me of conversations I used to have with (and notes I got from) a roommate who later told me she'd been diagnosed as bipolar. The prose just feels scary somehow. (And I read early modern sermons and stuff, so I know from scary prose.)

I have a little anecdote.

I was at a meeting a while back when faculty folks were talking about advising. Some folks in a field like social work or nursing started talking about how they advise on way more than academic stuff, and how we all should.

I couldn't keep my mouth shut, I'm afraid. I said, "My professional training is in Shakespeare and early modern lit; do you really want me counseling students based on my knowledge of Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet?"

They got that nervous look people sometimes get. It's a wonder I ever got tenure. (And hey, I didn't even MENTION Titus! But only because I figured they wouldn't get the point.)

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  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Hee! I feel the same way when TPTB suggest that I try to explain to certain students that frosh comp is just part of the system that they have to put up with. I always want to mention that I really just want to advise students on the difference between being a Byronic, Shelleyan, or Blakean rebel.

    And that post at The Paper Chase is great.