Saturday, December 23, 2006

Running off to join the circus

Not really. But I am going to visit my sibling's family, complete with the most amazing in-law and their two kids.

From the moment I get there, til the moment I leave, I'll become and remain a total sappy aunt. Auntie Bardiac. Make of it what you will.

The kids are at perfect ages. They still want to play tickle-bug, even the older one. And I can make them squirm and giggle from across the room by making my tickle-bug buzzing sound and wriggling my index finger in their direction. I fear that won't last much longer, but for now, I'm as delighted as they are.

They still jump eagerly on my lap to play at the "why can't you sit properly" game, which involves me pretending to be all serious about the kid sitting properly while all the time doing silliness that makes them fall in one direction or another (and catching them before any bones are broken and such). It's harder all the time to make the "fall" meaningful, since their legs almost reach the ground from my lap. But we manage, especially since a little buzzing sound distracts them and sets them to squirming.

I think parents get tired of silly games, so the kids value me for them, perhaps. Or maybe because pushing swings is still a bit of a treat for me even now? If I spoil them, it's by letting them go with silliness a bit more. I can live with that.

But they're also old enough to play less boring games, to ride bikes a bit, and to converse with.

I eagerly participate in deluding them about Santa Claus. Last year, I wrote a longish note about how good the cookies were or something, in my most readable hand, which they were sure not to recognize.

It makes no logical sense, sort of like much of modern American life at the beginning of the 21st century, but there it is. I play my part with pleasure here, at least.

As I'm off to enjoy the holiday. Here's wishing you happiness, health, and much tickle-bug and other play as the year comes to an end.

I'm off to be sappy Auntie Bardiac for a bit.

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