Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have a habit of playing with posts before I actually "publish" them. Then when I "publish" them, I need to copy them into a new entry or the date shows as the original date when I started playing with the post, rather than the date I'm publishing it, even though I've usually revised a bunch between.

Does anyone know how to change the date on a post easily? Thanks!


  1. Blogger used to let us do this quite easily by adjusting a clock/calendar on the post-edit screen, but seems to have quietly removed that option. I've got the same problem you're describing, and can't find a solution. Ever since that change, I've become less prone to edit after the initial draft. Poor form, I know.

  2. At the bottom of the box that makes up the editor, the per-post Comments and Time/Date options are now hidden behind a clickable link, "Post and Comment Options". If you click the link as shown in this example, you will see either this (comments shown for posts) or this (comments hidden for posts), depending on your settings.