Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hopes of spring

Usually by late February and March, I'm pretty much nuts about the weather up here in the Northwoods. This winter was fairly mild, though, so I'm not as cranky as I usually am by this time. Still, I'm plenty impatient for spring, even so.

On Thursday, I scoped out the earliest sprouting areas on campus (along a sunny area protected by being in a courtyardish space between buildings), and saw some sprouts, a couple inches high, browned on the tips from the latest snow, but still seeming alive.

Yesterday, I talked a friend from work into taking a bike ride. She called her partner, and the three of us went together, about 10 miles, over the course of an hour, a slow, easy, early ride around town, crossing mud where the trails aren't completed yet. The local counties are doing amazing things putting together bike trails that join up and can be ridden from city to city.

We ran into another of my friends walking her dog, so I introduced them and got some dog therapy as a bonus, which always helps me hugely.

We were pretty much all wrapped up against the chill, but the sun still felt great. We don't see the sun nearly enough around here during winter, so I'm pretty desperate around now. But for the moment, I was one happy Bardiac.

This afternoon, when I walked out to check the mail, I took time to check the areas where I'd put in bulbs last fall, and one area near the mail box shows just a few plant tips above the wood chip mulch. (I need to get some deer off or the local rabbits are going to have a feast.)

I think spring really is on the way.


  1. That's what I miss about not living in my house, my flowers. Right now, the tulips and jonquels and hyacinths are coming up and some already blooming. I'm up here and not able to go pick a few for the house. In a week or two my irisis will bloom. I am definitely going home and picking a bouqet to bring back up here for my bedroom. I miss the flowers and the bushes. My son did go down and bring me back my pot of hen and chickens and next week I'm going to get the Spanish moss and some Boston Ivy. The Ivy can grow around the fence on my patio here, and when I move, I can just pull it free, it will be in pots, or I'll leave it. I can't wait. A small garden on my small patio.

  2. In my first house, it took about five years before I managed to get things set so I had blooms throughout the season. I figure it will take at least that long in my new house. It's a new palate or something, or so my friends try to comfort me.