Saturday, March 04, 2006

Department meetings and grading avoidance

How much did I want to avoid grading last night?

This much: It was my turn to take notes at the department meeting. The notes are in verse. Not good verse, mind you, either.

Here's an blessedly short sample from my new epic poem "Four Ways of Looking at a Department Meeting":

Two C. W. courses passed;
Three courses dropped; buy books FAST!
Post-tenure review. News!

Within an hour of sending the notes out, two people actually emailed me about them, one of them to ask how much grading I was trying to avoid last night. Gotta love friends who know me well!

(Other selections include really horrid alliterative verse, and a section in Spenserian stanzas.)

THAT's how desperate I was to avoid grading last night.


  1. I want to be part of your department.

    I can't imagine anyone in my department taking notes in verse ....

  2. That's too funny, Bardiac.

  3. Jo(e), EVERYONE in at NU wants to be in my department because we have such a great rep. It scares me how lucky I am to be here.

    Thanks A :)