Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back and behind...

How can I be behind after a week of break? It's a mystery (think old George Carlin routines).

But, I'm back, and had a good break. So, my friends may be right that I'm crazy, but "it just may be a lunatic you're looking for"! Anyways, I had fun.

I took my friend to the airport this morning after a near sleepless night. My friend missed a flight on the way to visit, and I was determined not to let that happen on my watch, so to speak. So, I pretty much woke up every few hours through the night.

At 2, I was about to scream into my friend's ear, "Get up! You missed your plane!!!! We're HOURS late!" when I realized that it was still dark out, and that either there'd been a major catastrophe and the earth isn't rotating any more (in which case, missing a plane was going to end up a minor problem), or it was actually 2 AM and not 2 pm. Not wanting to figure out the realy situation, I decided to let my friend sleep on, which turned out to be a good idea.

And when 4 came around, I hardly even had to look out the window for more than a few minutes to realize it was still dark and I still didn't need to wake up my friend.

I think I missed my true calling: I should have been a rooster. I tend to wake up a lot during the night before even minimally important time stuff. I've been known to get up, shower, and be ready to leave before realizing that it's still dark out and I'm hours early.

Let's just admit that I've had a couple extra cups of coffee of late, and so was a little, err, hyper, but I'm coming down now. (As little coffee as I drink lately, I may lose my academic status if people at work find out!)

So, yesterday we went to another state and saw water, lots and lots of water, ate well, drove lots. All in all, we played tourist, and experienced the joys of local foods and beverages, which all appropriately enjoyed, I think.

The wagon's newly washed (that always makes me feel oddly virtuous for some stupid reason), a state it deserves after driving safely along ice roads and gravel roads and all over the place.

My friend kept insisting that it's officially spring, but you know how it is with such things: everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. My Tamarack treelings aren't greening up yet, and until they do, it can't be officially spring.

I have a personal message for Hades/Pluto. Let her go! NOW!

Let the rest of the term and teaching commence!


  1. Message to Pluto--I love it!

    (And I'd donate some extra postage for that particular message, lemme tell ya.)

  2. Welcome back, Bardiac!
    Re: Pluto - I say we storm the underworld and TAKE her back.

  3. To Pluto -- No, no! Keep her! (I hate summer.)

  4. Thanks, La L and Heo Cwaeth, I totally agree! Let's Harrow Hades, or something...

    Delagar, how can you hate summer? Seriously... are you getting enough snow during winter? Too much humidity during summer?