Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fantasy life

I'm a lousy cook, but even I can have a fantasy life. Take a look at the scone post on The Blog that Ate Manhattan.

I've never actually made scones, but I think I've eaten them a couple times, maybe? At a museum or something in another life. Nonetheless, they look good. TBAM put up that post on March 4, and it's March 14th now, and I've been fantasizing about those scones, or any scones, or, to be honest, any halfway-good light and wonderful sweet baked thing.


  1. My mother made scones. One broke my tooth.
    My Gran made scones. One broke my dads tooth.
    My Aunt made scones for my school fete in 1972. A teacher broke a complete set of false teeth on one.

    Don't make or eat scones. They're dangerous.

  2. I used to go to Starbucks just for their chocolate chip scones. Is that pathetic?

  3. Wow, Four, talk about bad luck. Now I'm nervous. Did they at least have nuts in them or something?

    No, A Said, there's NOTHING pathetic in going somewhere for scones!