Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Voting Strategy?

There are a couple of local elections that allow multiple votes because they're for seats on this or that committee or board. 

Let's imagine there are three open seats, and everyone gets to vote for three seats.

One of my colleagues suggested that it would be best to vote for just the one person you most wanted, and because there would be fewer votes cast, then that would mean the one vote would be more important.

On the other hand, I thought that I should vote for the three I want, since they're not so much in competition with each other (someone who votes for a candidate with known views is also likely to vote for a candidate with similar views, no?) as with other folks.  If enough of us vote for the same three like-minded candidates, then the committee is more likely to move in that direction over all.

And since I can only vote once for each person, the person I most want has my one vote and can't have a second one from me.

I guess the big thing is, I voted.  I was #15 in my voting area, and I went mid-morning, so I suspect my vote is important.

Good luck to my candidates!

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