Friday, April 12, 2013

And Just in Time: It's Friday!

I don't greatly mind a student asking if s/he can turn something in late.  Some assignments I accept late (with a penalty), but some I don't.  Journals and such, where they have many opportunities over the semester to do the assignments, I don't accept late.  It says as much in the syllabus.

But still, I don't really mind a student asking, even if after the fact.  I point to the syllabus and say no.  And the second time, the same. 

I've got a student who has asked three times by email and twice in person, and now I'm getting to the point where I do mind.

Adding to the frustration, the student just doesn't seem to comprehend how deep into failing s/he is, even though I handed out a sheet for each student and went over in class how to do the math.  But oh, the student was absent that day, and when s/he finally reappeared and I gave him/her the sheet, s/he didn't bother to do the math. 

We did the math together today.  That one journal won't save the grade.  Unfortunately, the student still seems to think that getting partial credit on that one journal will bring things up from F-land to passing. 

So, yes, I'm very ready for Friday.

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  1. Man, I understand your student. Haha I don't get math, I don't get chemistry and the only way I actually pass is by spending hours upon hours studying before tests and even then I only get like B-'s on them. If there's any glimmer of hope somewhere in all the missing assignments, I take it, even if it wont do anything. My aptitude is in Language Arts and History. Art classes I excel in like no other, but those don't get you anywhere.

    The education system these days only caters to well, normal students; kids that are well rounded and have an aptitude in most things. It doesn't cater to people that get overwelmed, need extra help, have ADHD and so on. It's for the normal and the excellent. The excellent in everything. It's all pretty lame, especially when you keep going back to your counselor asking for a conference with a teacher to try and figure something out and all they say is, "If you can't help yourself, there's no helping you." Bleak freaking school.

    I'm diagnosed with ADHD and teachers that don't have it, don't get it. It takes a lot and I mean a lot for me to sit down and do things I hate. Sometimes failing sounds better until you're actually faced with it. You never know what's going on behind the scenes. It's true. Some students are morbidly lazy and don't do a thing 'till the last minute and only do then because there parents have a red-hot iron pointed at the kid's toosh. Still, you never can tell. You can't have the same file for different topics. Same goes for people.