Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let it Rain

We have a lot of activity around here for the next several weeks.  Everything pretty much happens at once.

On Tuesday, there was a really great poetry reading.  There was another poetry reading yesterday, and another after, and also a superb concert (which is what I attended), and then another concert and a play.  And that's only the things I know about.

There's another concert today, which promises to be great.  And then tomorrow, I have dinner and theater plans with some friends.

So if I go to the concert tonight, that will be four nights out this week.  That's fine for some folks, but I'm not sure I'm going tonight. 

Next week looks just as busy, with campus research day, and all sorts of other activities.

And naturally, for all of these activities, folks expect faculty to go be supportive (or to participate in other ways).  And they're all on top of all the other things, and end of the semester grading.

Can you tell I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed?

It's supposed to get warmer, significantly warmer, this weekend.  I'm hopeful. 

Last night, after the concert, I was walking to my car in a light rain, and it smelled like a spring rain, with the fresh dirt smell and all.  It's the first spring rain smell I've had so far this year, and it was very good. 

You know how dogs will dig into a roll with their shoulders?  I sort of wanted to do that, but I didn't want to be went and muddy, so I didn't.  But the smell was so appealing!


  1. Yes to concerts and beautiful music and yes to spring rain and especially yes to sunshine, which at the moment is fleeting but will soon be here to stay.