Saturday, April 13, 2013

Birding on Saturday

Canvasbacks, Canada Goose, Ruddy Duck
I joined an effbee page for state bird stuff; most of the posts are from another area of the state, alas.  But the other day, there was one from right near, with some cool birds.  So I asked for directions, got them, and went out today with a friend.  (Yay for a friend who will go running around to look at birds!  Life is better with friends.)

Behind the big Canada Goose, there's a little Ruddy Duck with a white blotch on his face and a blueish beak.  How cool is that?  And Canvasbacks!  (There may also be Redheads around; I'm not sure.)

Horned Lark
We saw this little guy hanging out near a Killdeer (the picture of which is too blurry for even me to post).  So lovely!

Snow Bunting
The Snow Buntings were our main attraction, and we finally found them.  They're surprisingly tiny. 

And look, mostly white birds against mostly white snow and some muck.  Yep!

Lapland Longspur

And the Lapland Longspurs were our second main attraction!  What lovely birds.

It wasn't badly cold this morning when I was digging out the driveway.  It was warm enough that I took off my coat, even.  But out looking for the birds, holy cow!  That was COLD!

So then we went and had hot Thai curry for lunch.  And lived happily ever after.  Or at least until dinner, when I have to forage again.  (In the refrigerator, not outside!)

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