Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Regional Differences

Where I live, the weather radar is often fascinating. I try to get a sense of what the weather's going to be like as I plan the day or week, though I'm not nearly as obsessive as some people I know. Still, if there's going to be a major storm, I try to mow ahead and stuff.

Here, weather radar is boring. The weather right now ranges from slightly cooler than ideal to slightly warmer than ideal. And even when it's warmer, it's pretty close to my idea of ideal.

When I first moved to the midwest, I was confused by the extra locations added in case of rain for pretty much every outdoor event, because in my growing up, it didn't rain during summer. And where I lived in the Peace Corps, you always assumed it would rain, and planned accordingly. But in the midwest, there's no telling.


  1. I moved to California from the Southeast and had previously lived in the Midwest. So I know exactly what you're talking about, but in reverse. I've been in CA for 19 years now, and when I first moved here, I was amazed that the forecasts were so much more accurate! They said it would rain and it DID! They said it would be 76 and it was exactly 76!

    But this year, we've had much more rain and weird weather, so I have, several times, been caught unawares. For example, we took a camping trip May 14 and didn't even think about rain. At the last minute, we had a forecast for 50% chance of rain. "No biggie," I thought. I imagined low fog drizzle. But no. We were in the tent with our kids and their friends and we had a raging storm that included hail and rain and gale force winds for most of the night. Then, we planned to have our daughter's b-day party at the park on June 6th. June 6th! It poured all day June 5th, and then rained more o the 6th.

    I suppose it makes the weather more interesting . . .

  2. Since I grew up with unpredictable weather, that is actually (surprisingly?) one of the things I'm looking forward to when moving to the midwest. I want to have a reason to check the weather every day, instead of it just being a habit. And I really like summer rain and thunder storms. That'll be nice to return to. Snow? Not as much...

  3. When I first lived in California, I noticed that the local public radio station didn't do weather reports, as our East Coast one did obsessively, but did traffic reports instead....

  4. good enough is right about the weather in CA this year. if that's where you are, bardiac, you slid in just after a very weird spring.