Wednesday, June 15, 2011


That pretty much sums up my life right now.

I'm reading and getting notes put in pdf files. I'm very grateful that I'm pretty good about putting together notes that make sense even 10 years later. And I'm disappointed that I'm not better.

I'm taking care of the things one must take care of: my teeth are sharpened now (not really, but clean).

I've bought some stuff that needed to be bought.

I've weeded a section of the yard that really needed to be weeded (but more needs to happen; this was the worst area, though).

I'm figuring out the calendar function stuff.

I've put a map app on my new ipod, and found the address for where I'll be staying in London, and I'm both excited and nervous.

I'm putting stuff on my ipod, and sort of figuring out how it works and such. (When I was weeding, the ear thingies kept falling out, but I gather most people get different ones that don't fall out so much?)

This is one of those times when the "reality TV" show of my life would look way more boring than it feels to live.


  1. Get yourself some Skull Candy brand ear buds. They're moderately comfortable, and I work out (elliptical trainer and weight machines) with them in and they don't fall out.

    They're a little spendy, but the sound quality is WAY better than any off brand (except Bose).

  2. Thanks, Roaringgrrl, I got some! I'm recharging, and then we'll see how it goes when I go out to finish weeding the yard in a bit.

  3. Some times the most productive days read as absolutely boring. If you've recharged and gotten things dealt with, good for you!