Sunday, June 19, 2011


There are a couple of freeways I just, well, love. I drove one today for a bit, and it was just great. The freeway's relatively new, as such things go, and was built with big wide lanes, swoopy curves, and has beautiful scenery.

Who else has affection for a freeway?


  1. I will always love the freeways in the bay area, particularly 280. The scenery just delights me. I'm really, really going to miss it.

  2. Oh yes. Stretches of I-80 are breathtaking. And a few bits of I-5 in California.

  3. California Highway 1 along the coast has to be my favorite for scenery, though of course there are lots of others here that are great too. :)

    'Twas so good to see you Sat. night and get to catch up a bit.

  4. Beck, It was beyond good to see you :) Thanks for taking the time. /hugs

    Hwy 1 is about the most beautiful ever.

  5. richard12:20 PM

    The chunk of US 34 running through the Rocky Mountain National Park is heavenly.

  6. There are definitely prettier highways, but I'm fond of the Taconic on the way to Albany -- it's narrow, tree-lined, and has glimpses of the Catskills now and then.