Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Comment Run Around

On some blogger blogs, I can comment just fine. The ones I have a problem with are the ones with a little drop-down menu that asks you to "select a profile."

Here's what happens. I write my comment and select a profile. Then it sends me, if I'm lucky, to a Google account screen, where I type in my username (email) and a password. (If I'm not lucky, then it doesn't show me even that for like three more clicks.) Then it sends me back to another screen where I get to see my comment and write a capcha. So I type in the capcha, and double check it. Click. And then it sends me back to sign in to the Google thing again.

Do other people have trouble with these? Is there a way to change them?

If you're having trouble commenting on mine, please drop me an email at:



  1. i don't have problems commenting on yours, but blogger's been acting weird ever since the crash a few weeks ago. one blogger ended up with comment mediation that she didn't want.

  2. Sometimes using Firefox gives me problems so I have to switch browsers to something like Safari. Inexplicable.

    And my captcha is 'imistrie.' As in, "It's imistrie how comments sometimes don't work."

  3. Well, I just wrote a comment about how I haven't had any problems in a couple of weeks, and then I had to log in to comment. And even though I was typing in the exact same password, it took three tries for Google/Blogger to recognize it as correct and I totally lost my comment. But this just provides an example of my earlier comment, which was...

    I notice that when I'm already logged in I have no problems commenting. But when I have logged out or used a different google account, then logging in to comment causes all sorts of problems. Since I am the only person who uses my computer, I just leave myself logged in as much as possible.

  4. I don't (usually) have problems with your site. But I have problems similar to those you describe on a lot of sites, including (ironically) on my own sites. Frequently my comments get eaten. Often I have so much trouble I just quit trying.

  5. Yes; I have been having extreme difficulty since The Great Blogger Meltdown of a few weeks (and then another a week more recently) back. It is frustrating me to no end. I take time to compose my comments (I know I should adapt to composing in a doc, then copy-pasting...), and all my erudition is lately for naught.

  6. Yeah, I know my blog has been having some problems, but it's inconsistent between users. Some people have trouble one time and not another, and it doesn't always happen to the same user as far as I know.

    My apologies for any frustration mine has caused- I've tried to troubleshoot it and I can't find any problem (or anyway, how to fix it!) from my end. It's frustrating. One of the reasons I went to Blogger in the first place was because it was supposed to be clean and reliable...