Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I bought myself a copy of photoshop today. Yep, just the basic one, to play with pictures.

And I couldn't get it to download. So I got all frustrated and went around the web trying to figure it out. And then I ended up on the Adobe site chat, with a helpful person named Prashan (err, I think I'm mispelling it), and as he was taking my information, the CD drive finished the copying that it was doing because it said to on a web thingy, and I tried putting in the second disc. And suddenly, I could get it to load onto my computer.

Turns out the first disc is for Macs. Oops.

Now, does anyone know how to get photoshop to do the straight line for you thing? Because I'm planning some awesome new pictures! I tried adding a self-portrait into a picture of trees, but somehow, it didn't save, and I'm too tired to try again right now.


  1. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Exciting! I can't wait until you figure it out!

  2. I still haven't bought photoshop. I'm excited to see what you do with it.

  3. Can you be more specific about "straight line for you thing"? I might be able to help. :)

  4. I use Photoshop every day for art and photography stuff. Maybe if we could find a time to both be online at the same time, say with the chat feature on facebook, I could walk you through what you want. Like Leslie said above, though, you'll have to get more specific about what you need to do in order to pick the best method. ;)

  5. Thanks :)

    In the old paint program, you can click on a line function thing, and then click on one place, and move the cursor around, and then when you click a second time, it will draw a line from point a to point b. It's how I draw everything but the head for most of my stick figures. I can't freehand a straight line on a touch pad.

    Beck, I'll call, just for the pleasure of chatting!

  6. Here's one easy way to draw a straight line in Photoshop.