Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Happens During Spring Break . . .

comes to my office.

Because, what evidently happens to many students around here is that they go home to work for a week at the local whatever, where they've had a job since high school and can always pick up a few hours bussing tables or bagging groceries, and then while they're home, Uncle Ed asks them what they're going to do with the rest of their lives, or Gradma Barb asks them if they've found a major yet, and they come back and all decide it's time to declare a major!

I swear, I've had a big upswing in declaring a major requests this week. And since I like this part of the job, talking with students, helping them figure out the curriculum, it's good!

I know, you're imagining college students all going to Florida or something, but our students are much more likely to go home and bus tables or go off to do some program helping out in a poverty stricken area than to go to Florida. I imagine some of our students do go to Florida, but given the pasty white we white folks are sporting, I think I'd notice anyone who looked like they'd seen the sun within the past five months.


  1. This was a much nicer blog post than I feared from the title. I was afraid that students were coming to your office asking for extensions and/or advice because of STD infections. I know, I need help.

  2. dr. k, don't the desperate STD-related requests for extension happen at the end of the term, when stuff is due?

    bardiac -- like your students! that's pretty much what i did during school breaks, go try to earn some money.

    my academic advisor gently talked me down from one brilliant idea, to double-major in english and pre-med, with the reasonable argument that i had no hard science to speak of and my math was weak, too.