Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Spring - First Bluebird!

Yesterday, when I got home, it was like the garden had popped. There were crocuses coming up all over, and not just barely out of the ground, but an inch or so up. I left in the morning and could barely see any green, and got home and there they were.

There are also daffodils coming through! These, too, give me hope for spring!

I took a picture of the dogwood. You can see that the tips are getting ready to do their thing. And bonus: you can see what a lovely blue our sky is this morning. (What looks like a shadow down at the lower right is really a very out of focus other branch, because I was using my close-up lens.)

I was standing in the yard, listening to the red-wing blackbirds do their trilling call, and say my first bluebird, too. It seems early for the more buggy birds, but I trust that evolution has prepared them well for dealing with early spring.

I put out a half an orange yesterday, but I'm guessing I'm a couple weeks early there. But since finches seem to like it as well as orioles, I'm willing to hope that I'll see some of them, too. I got my hummingbird feeder out, but I did manage to not put it out or fill it yet, because there's still a little realism in me.

And, of course, we could easily get walloped with some more snow, and it's likely to feel a lot less springlike in the coming weeks than it does this fine morning.

Still, a bluebird definitely means spring is on its way, right?

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  1. Yes spring is indeed here!