Monday, March 21, 2011

Break Week at the Office

I expect to come to the office three or four days this week, during our break week. I have a ton of work to do and this is a place I can do certain kinds of work especially well.

I'm not the only one here, of course.

Imagine, we have, say, 12 tt women and 10 tt men on my floor. What numbers of people of each gender do I see here?

You may be right. Now, that isn't to say that some people work better at home, and they're hard at work. Or sleeping. Whatever suits them.

Does it say something which people are here working during break week. Or does it say more about me that I'm here and notice who else is here.

Why are the people who are here, here?

Is it because, like me, they get distracted at home a lot?

Historiann has an interesting post up about gender issues at MIT. You should read it. It's way better than anything coming through my keyboard!

So far: I got a late start this morning. I've written a letter of recommendation, graded a few random things, and am settling into more grading.

I have a stack of papers, a stack of journals, and a stack of partly graded midterms.

I also have to analyze some qualitative data from a survey thingy.

This is the work of the week before I go off to see if I can see some birds at the marsh.

But today, shortly, I'm off to pick up my bike (spring tune up, including it's first new chain and rear casette), visit the library, and see what trouble I can get into!

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  1. Thanks for the link, woman. Good luck with all that grading. My effort to come to terms with my incredible slackitude w/r/t grading this term was a failure.

    (Maybe if I had bothered to sit down at my desk with a pen in hand and open the massive folder of unmarked essays?) I did go into my office last week at least once, although it was more of a library drop off/pick up/mail check/pit stop than work-work.