Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Text o' the Day

Edit to add: See, I think this is as good as my stick figure lit ever gets. Is it just too darned obscure?


  1. "You're a knight of the round table???"

    "Uh, I am."

    "In that case, I shall have to kill you."

    "Shall I?"

    "Oh no, let's be nice to him!"

    (I could go on and on and on...)

  2. As always, I am envious of colleagues whose reading material can be evoked by a single cartoon frame. If you could do that to any of the books on my shelf that I've been avoiding nervously, I would personally recommend you for a Nobel Prize.

    I would also need to upload a copy of the cartoon to my Zotero files. The more you know, right?

  3. So no one got Sir Thopas? (Yes, I'm behind on blog reading.)

  4. No, alas. I'm beginning to wonder if my art is as brilliantly realistic as I like to think!