Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've learned that a number of departments here have reported that candidates with signed contracts have backed out and said they've changed their mind. I can't blame them.

They signed a contract for one salary, and suddenly that salary has been cut by 8% or so. I wish I felt like I could get out.

It seems like, throughout my life experience, with few exceptions, the left has come up with ideas that seem reasonable and beneficial, only to be outmaneuvered by the right. And once again. It's like the folks on the left are smart, but not as savvy at politics or something, and that at almost every level. But we think we're smarter, so we don't respect the smarts the opposition has or something.

I need to decide about selling my house. It's a bad time, but it seems like things could get a lot worse, and I could rent an apartment fairly cheaply, and put my money into something less scary than real estate here.


  1. Jeez, you think it's come to that? Selling the house to mitigate damage?

    Part of me would like to see a huge brain drain from Wisconsin to other, less anti-labor states. But the other part of me recognizes that this is sheer fantasy, since no one else has so much money sitting around and political benevolence toward higher education that they would ever pick up the slack. How long will it take before Walker understands how badly he screwed over his own state?

  2. I have said before and will say again -- I'm so glad I was passed up by the UW schools I applied to this fall. It certainly doesn't make your situation any better though. A lot of my friends are in the UW system on the t-t. It's disheartening to hear their reports on Facebook. :(

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    That really sucks.

  4. That sounds very bad if you are thinking of selling your house.

  5. {{{{{Bardiac}}}}}

    Sorry to be cynical here, but the right has money and power and work to consolidate both further -- the smart lefties don't.

    Remember also that part of the neoliberal agenda is to make people depressed and dispirited or at least acquiescent, because then those people don't fight back and don't believe they can. Keep the faith, Bardiac! This thing can and should be repealed.

    Solidarity! Let's make a wicked backlash on Walker. Does your state have any direct voting powers? Petition? Propositions? Or maybe it's just time for an illegal strike. (Remember the Flint Sit Down strike was an illegal strike. And it worked.)

    And do let me know what a neighbor can do.

  6. I'm so sorry, B.

    I keep hoping that this really is an overreach, and will have some serious payback (in a short enough time frame for it to matter and to help the people it needs to help).

    But I'm not sure how optimistic I am.

    Thinking of you and your colleagues.

  7. i hear tell that recall campaigns are already in the works. but just as good, and aiding that, has been the strong show of support with demonstrators, legislators, and friends around the country.

    your governor and his friends have stepped in it, but good. i'm pretty sure you lit wizards can find some relevant texts. ;)

  8. Something that was said to me by a colleague when very bad things were happening in our university a few years ago: "The wind blows, and then it blows the other way."

    So far it's still blowing this (bad) way.

    But we can hope.