Friday, October 15, 2010

Me, Too

Do you ever look at someone, or read about someone, someone who's supposed to be reasonably intelligent, and just think, "What the dickens were you thinking when you did that?" Or, you just think, "Didn't you know that was going to happen?"

That's happened a lot recently. There's a local news story, and I just can't even imagine how one of the people in the news thought s/he could do what s/he did without causing problems.

There's someone I read, and I just can't imagine why this person made the choice s/he did, because from outside, the outcome seemed overwhelmingly likely. And yes, there it is, the expected outcome, but the person seems surprised.

Or you have a student, and you think, well, it's a learning situation. And then s/he does the exact same thing again.

Or you look in the mirror and realize you still have that pile of papers to grade you've been procrastinating about.


I suppose I should be grateful that I'm not on a reality TV show, making a fool of myself in public. Except, the whole blog thing is sort of public.


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