Saturday, October 09, 2010

Looking for Blogs

It struck me the other day that some of the most interesting blogs I read are people who are doing new things. New professors, for example, or people who are going to grad school. There are blogs I've followed a bit, and I enjoy them, but now the people are more stable, and sometimes they don't blog as much because they don't have time or aren't doing new things that seem blogworthy. But I read them because they're still interesting to me, especially the ones who blog pretty regularly.

So I'm looking for a few good blogs to read, grad student blogs or new professor blogs interest me especially.

Who's out there blogging about academic life that I don't read? (You can see on my blogroll the folks I tend to read a lot.) Please tell me a little about your suggestions and why I might like their writing.


  1. I'm enjoying Shitty Rough Drafts aka Writing is Hard by Lady Squires...

    ABD and on the market, she's been teaching long enough to have some fabulous insights, too. And of course I love the Anne Lamott reference ("shitty rough drafts")--an essay I use every quarter, too.

  2. Closest I get to academic is my science stuff, like this one. But you'll like my blog anyway because everyone needs something reliably snortworthy sometimes.

  3. You mean, besides my own fascinating, solipsistic self? Hm, well, your reading list and mine overlap a lot. I'm also partial to Moria's blog. I also like English Adjunct's blog. They're both grad students -- Moria a bit newer, Adjunct a bit more advanced -- and they each have intriguing issues that they bring up.

    And, at the risk of self-promotion, I genuinely would love to have more regular readers. I graduated in May, so now I'm a reasonably new certified academic looking for a long-term job.

  4. Definitely Shitty First Drafts. She has a terrific post up right now about a mock interview. I just found her blog yesterday, but I read quite a few entries.

    Julie Meloni's Academic Sandbox is also worth a read, although she posts infrequently. Mostly I like to (try to) keep up with what she's doing in the digital humanities. She's one of the people behind ProfHacker, but I think she's moving on from there in the next week or so.

    Laura Blankenship is also going through a transition; she's a PhD who just took on teaching computer science to girls. She blogs at Geeky Mom.

    There are also some great science bloggers who write about women's experiences in academia. Among them are Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Ethics and Science, Suzanne at Thus Spake Zuska, and Dr. Isis at On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess.

  5. Like everyone one else said, read me. Although, I'm teaching 4-4 while writing the diss (or rather not writing as the case may be), so mine is in a whiny phase right now.

    I've started reading Skepchick recently, a feminist atheist blog that I really like.

  6. Thanks for asking, Bardiac; I wouldn't mind some new reading myself (as if I had time for any...).