Friday, October 15, 2010


It's been a week, a longish week, with lots happening. I'm done teaching for the day, and it looks beautiful out my window, but I have two hours of meetings starting later in the afternoon.

I should grade.

I could go out and play outside for a bit (I have play clothes in my car). (It wouldn't be playing on my bike, but it would be playing).

I could nap, but in order to sleep at all, I'd have to go home, and I can't quite see going home, napping, and then coming back.

In the good news department: Remember the research project I was blogging about before? (Here, for example.) Well, I filled out all the IRB stuff last month, and got the approved IRB (because the most dangerous potential for my research is a paper cut). And I've distributed some questionnaires, and even gotten my first one back!

I have two appointments to get student responses on my questionnaires next week.

And a couple of other folks have gotten back to me on dates and we're working things out.

In mid-November, the research preparation group has a meeting; my goal is to have done a significant portion of all the questionnaires and be ready for help starting the analysis.

I deserve to go play outside, don't I?


Addendum: I played outside for almost half an hour, and it felt GREAT! I walked on the gravelly hills (one , but other than that I "ran" the whole way.

There's a park area bordering campus, sort of. One part has a drive that you can drive slowly through or walk, partly along a marsh, and then behind a neighborhood near campus, and then to a groomed "park" area. The other side is across a road on campus, and has a trail going along up a bluff area, and then into a woodsy area which was donated to the city/campus (I think) with the reservation that they can't do more in there than maintain a couple of trails. There's a main trail that's sort of a figure eight, and then a smaller trail at the end of that leading out to a bridge. It's lovely in there. I think it's where students go to neck; at any rate, I interrupted some happiness (they both looked happy). But since I was playing outside, I'm guessing my heart rate was higher than theirs. (They weren't doing anything inappropriate for a public space.)

I played for the first part of the figure eight, and out and back from my office building. The trail out there's very soft on the feet, but there's a gravel hill up the bluff that's not at all nice for the happy toes things. So I walked that.

Still, it's lovely out there, and makes a great break in my day. I'm going to aim to do the second part of the figure eight soon!

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