Friday, October 22, 2010

Choose a Major Day

I spent several hours at our campus choose a major day event. I talked to a lot of students.

The idea is that you're supposed to tell students about the wonders of the major you represent. In my case, that's English.

I do a lousy job. Oh, I can tell students about our English major, but then I always want to talk about how they can learn the skills they'll need in all sorts of majors.

So I don't know that I sell the English major well.

Maybe it's because I wasn't an English major?

I'm tired of talking. I don't want to talk to anyone about their major for a bit. I don't actually want to talk to anyone about school stuff for a bit.

But, I'm going bowling with some of my students this evening. I hope I don't bowl too miserably. I hope none of them wants to talk about becoming an English major.


  1. bowling! that's so cool. they will love you, especially if you bowl poorly.

  2. What was your major? Just curious. I was a music major in my undergrad, and I got so burned out that I didn't play any instruments for almost ten years. Isn't that ridiculous? I've recently picked up guitar and clarinet again, and I love it. But what I learned as a music major (aside from music theory and the discipline required to practice) was that one should not major in a hobby.

    There might be an argument for not majoring in English if one should not major in a hobby. (Reading being the hobby.) However, I would argue that being an English major helps you learn to argue, helps you learn to write, and gives you a broad world view. I wish I'd been an English major. But then again, I never would have learned how to play guitar if I had. That's what I got for my 50K in student loan debt for my undergrad degree. That, and discipline. Sigh.