Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I got my hair cut the other day. It's short. I like it short.

It's so short that the cowlick stands straight up.

That's what they mean when they talk about "body" in shampoo commercials, right?


  1. nice hair!

    this is off-topic, but daughter is taking a "short story writing" class, and she has sent me a rough draft for feedback. on teh yay side, this isn't due in first draft form for 2 weeks. on the omg side, it is 11 point font, and a story about a cat. and a baby.

    i don't know how professors can read eleventy-five of these without their brains blowing out. just saying. even though she is a naturally gifted writer.

  2. don't worry, i'm not re-writing it for her. a few comments only. then her class will go to work on it. she's a little nervous about peer feedback.

  3. I have the same cowlick problem. It makes it look like a have a bald spot on top! I cut my own hair with clippers, using a 1" guard. It is so wonderful to be independent of hairdressers - I feel giddy just thinking about it - I am going to grown the top hair longer, tho, so it flops over the "bald spot." Sort of like one of those guy comb-overs. TMI!