Saturday, September 18, 2010

Workin' on the Weekend

There's little so luxurious as being able to sleep in. For me, it's best when I wake up at the usual time (as I did today), and then relax back to sleep for a while. I always sleep especially well during that hour or so. And it felt so good today.

While I was making my breakfast, I saw a couple of Northern Flickers outside my kitchen window, foraging on the lawn. I couldn't tell what they were at first, because foraging on the lawn just wasn't the context I was expecting, but there they were. I've seen Flickers before, but never this close, and never foraging on the ground or in my own yard. It was a good start to the day.

Then I did some chores and ran errands, including buying six or so bags of new bulbs.

I dug out two of the three clumps of German Bearded Iris and split them up. Then I replanted and planted a couple rhizomes in new places. I've got more to share with friends and neighbors, too. The clumps were way too overgrown; I should have split them a couple years ago, I bet. But hopefully, they'll be fine.

Where I dug then out, I'm going to surround the new little ones with some bulbs. It will work for a couple of years, I suspect. I also weeded a hunk of the back yard, so I should be able to take a couple of hours and put bone meal and bunches of bulbs in. Then I can look forward to the spring.

I've got another clump of German Irises to dig, and Siberian Irises, and Daisies, but I suspect those will wait happily for next week.

And now I'm tuckered. It's not even 7pm, and I'm thinking how nice my bed will feel.

I just ate dinner, and the food tasted so good in that way it does when you're tired and hungry and dinner isn't that hard to make.

I should grade, but I don't think I will this evening.

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