Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogger's Spam Thing?

I've been noticing recently that I get emails from blogger that there's a new comment on a post, but if the comment is one of those spam link to something stupid comments, it doesn't actually appear on the blog.

So, say someone writes a comment inviting people to visit a commercial site for plagiarized papers. I'll get an email of that comment (I get emails of all the comments), but the comment doesn't actually appear in the comments.

Are other people noticing that?

(I used to go in and delete spammy comments, but this is nice!)


  1. I've noticed that a few times lately. I wonder what's causing it?

  2. blogger's got a new spam filter. if you poke around the innards of your blog, there is a comments tab, and on that page, a little "spam" button so you can see the things assigned to the spam bin.