Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Time to Worry

I have a student whose surname is, say, Camus. Or Sartre. You get the idea.

And this student seems to be caught up in a beaurocratic neverplace, waiting for some word that seems to have been lost.

It seems almost inevitable, doesn't it? I didn't want to say anything, because I'm sure someone has already made endless tasteless comments about an inability to exit or caught up in endless absurdities.

The good thing so far about my cheesiness is that I may have actually solved a tiny part of the neverplaceness.


  1. Your self-restraint is to be admired, though this seems like a rather rarefied joke!

  2. I once had a student whose surname was "Den Besten" (German for "the best", although she was Dutch, I think). Her grades, ironically, were appalling.

    It's kind of like those parents who name a child "Chastity" or "Honesty". You just know they will grow up to be a hooker or a thief, respectively.